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Learn Bachata, Salsa, Tango, Merengue at the Reno Bachata Convention!

BB of Salsa Reno in partnership with Rodney Aquino of and Jorge Elizondo of Bachata are bringing the best Bachata dancers in the world to Reno, NV for a Bachata International Dance Convention, first in the USA.

This will be a 3-day international convention held at the Grand Sierra Resort with a Pre-Party at Pearl Champagne Lounge during Latin Thursdays from January 8 -10, 2009.

There will be top qualitydance  instructions from Australia, Lithuania, Washington D.C., Texas, Hawaii, Florida, Boston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Arizona and San Francisco.

Start your new year by learning this dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and is now danced in nightclubs all over the world. Bachata is an intimate dance similar to Argentine Tango that is accessible to the total beginner yet satisfying to the advanced dancer.

The Reno International Bachata Convention will have dance workshops during the day including Bachata, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Salsa and more and then dance parties in the evening.

The convention will also be filled with dance performances by the world renown instructors plus open and invitational dance competitions.

Don’t miss the FREE pre-party on January 8th at the Pearl Champagne Lounge inside the Grand Sierra Resort.

People can purchase a full event pass for only $99 or a full evening only pass for $40 if purchased by December 25th ($150 after). For more information please visit or call 530 927-9451.

Hotel Rate is only $69.00 for two nights w/ Breakfast!

The Reno International Bachata Convention January 9 – 11, 2009
Grand Sierra Resort

Total beginners and all the way up to advanced dance workshops. Learn to dance at the convention and get inspired watching performances.

Performances and competitions every evening and Sunday afternoon.

Go to – “registration” for more info and to purchase tickets

Watch some samples of what you’ll see:

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Rodney Aquino, featured by Inside Bay Area

UNION CITY — Grab a partner and hit the dance floor — it’s time to salsa.

Rodney Aquino, a well-known salsa dancer, is bringing sexy back to little ol’ Union City.

Using pelvic gyrations, quick feet and spinning transitions, Aquino, who likes to go by “Rodchata,” teaches salsa and another dance form called bachata all over the world. Recently, he traveled to Australia to perform and teach.

Now he has brought his love for dance to the Tri-City area.

For $12, visitors can drop by the Tahini Dance Studio at 30987 Watkins St., off Smith Street near Union City Boulevard, to learn some basic salsa steps and fundamentals.

“It’s a perfect class designed for beginners,” Aquino said.

Last Saturday, the first scheduled class of about 10 people learned some of those basics. The demonstrations consist of Aquino explaining each move and the reason behind it.

“It makes it easier for students to learn,” he said.

In addition, he will teach men how to lead women — or vice versa.

However, “We need more men,” Aquino said. “I don’t know what’s up with the guys, but maybe they are just shy … I don’t know.”

Like most dance styles — except for the twist (for you oldtimers) and the running man — salsa requires a partner to perform the moves. Ironically, Aquino admits that when he was younger and went to clubs, he was a wallflower.

“I was very hesitant to ask women to dance,” he said.

Read the whole story here…

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Salsa Workshops by Rodchata in Chico


Salsa with Rodchata

Saturday, March 15th

$25.00 for the day
**if you pre-register by 03/13**
$35.00 at the door

 4:00 to 5:30pm – Salsa Variations (Int/Adv)
**1/2 hour break**
6:00 to 7:30pm – Bachata Variations (All Levels)

Rodney “Rodchata” Aquino is a popular and entertaining dance instructor in the United States. Solely responsible for popularizing bachata dance in San Francisco, Rodchata, as bachateros intimately calls him, has been in the dance scene for over 13 years. His dance background includes Latin International Ballroom, salsa (on1, on2 and Cuban Timba), chachacha, merengue and bachata. He had his first bachata encounter in the East Coast 6 years ago. He had been dancing bachata and studying the culture ever since. He was the first instructor to ever teach a bachata class in San Francisco. He is the founder of the popular salsa website,, and CEO of Rodchata Enterprises. Since creating Salsagang, he had the opportunity to teach the bachata dance at big salsa events such as San Francisco International Salsa Congress, Reno Dance Sensation, Sonoma County Salsa Fest, Salsa Extravaganza (Palm Springs), Summer Splash (Palm Springs), North West Salsa Congress (Seattle), Chico Dance Sensation, Sacramento Salsa Fest, Hawaii Dance Sensation and Dallas Salsa Congress. He also teaches regular bachata and salsa classes all over the Bay Area. You can obtain more information regarding his dance classes, workshops and events at His new projects to date in 2007: and Aside from being a gifted teacher, Rodchata has MA in Psychology. He is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and holds 4th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts. Teaching and competing in Martial Arts for 20 years, Rodney’s kinetic and cognitive expertise has always played a vital role on his effectiveness as a dance teacher.


Date & Time: Saturday, 15 March 2008, 4:00 PM — 7:30 PM
Location: Studio One
1722 Mangrove Ave ( map )
Chico, CA
Registration Deadline: Friday, 14 March 2008

Registration for this session opens on Saturday, 9 February 2008

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Dance Private Lessons

ImageSo you got bit by the Salsa bug. You’re excited, you’re gun-ho, you’re ready to tackle Salsa like last year’s Thanksgiving turkey; You want it done and fast. Are private lessons the way to go? Probably not.It’s natural to want things immediately, you want to know salsa now because of all the things that make it appealing; it’s seductive, it’s magical, and great to watch.

It’s natural to believe that if you had one-on-one attention you would learn faster. Smaller schools mean better attention or smaller classrooms mean teachers give more attention. For salsa private lessons smaller, one-on-one doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get better in a heartbeat.

The frequency to which you take private lessons is the primary factor in how quickly you’ll get better.

Children go to school 5 days out of the week, their lessons are 5 days out of the week. If the class size was small, very likely they will get more individual attention.

Salsa private lessons are typically set up for once a week. If you were to compare the two and gave the same curriculum for both (without homework), which group would progress faster?

If private lessons was your route to success, you would have to take private lessons 5 times a week! However that rarely ever happens because we:

1. Don’t have the Time.
2. DOn’t have the Money.

If you took private lessons before you read this article, it’s very likely you stopped for any of the two reasons or:

You realized you weren’t getting anywhere fast. Read the complete article here…

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Picking The Right Dance Instructor

Finding the right dance instructor is fairly easy once you have a better idea on what to keep in mind. Pick the right one and you’ll be picking things up fast, but pick the wrong one and  you will lose money.We will assume that most instructors are there to help however you have to realize that there are instructors out there that are more interested in your money than help you get better quickly. These bad instructors want you to stay with them for a long time and they do it by a number of methods, on purpose or not. Here are some things to keep in mind before you set out for the private instructor of your dreams.Be Wary of Pre-Pay
If you are presented with a set of private lessons where you have to pay in advance, be aware that a good number of people will not make it to all of their lessons, which is what the instructor was planning for. Don’t let the instructor get the better of you by asking questions. What’s the refund policy? Are they on set dates? Can you reschedule lessons?

Read the complete article here…

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